Seanie Reilly Obituary, Seanie Reilly Has Passed Away

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Seanie Reilly Obituary, Seanie Reilly Has Passed Away

Seanie Reilly Obituary, Death Cause – Seanie (Bull 1%) Reilly, who was murdered in a horrible accident on May 13, 2023, will be laid to rest in St. Mary’s Church in Drumlish at 10:30 in the morning on the following Saturday. The accident that took her life occurred on May 13th. The 13th of May, 2023 was the day that Seanie (Bull 1%) Reilly passed away. Seanie had the idea of organizing a bike race in the neighborhood in order to earn both money and attention for a local cause that was very near and dear to his heart.

The event would benefit the local organization that Seanie had chosen to support. A Sensory Room comparable to the one displayed above may be found at St. Mary’s National School in Drumlish, which is located in the county of Longford in Ireland. The staff and members of the Board of Managers (BOM) collaborated in order to build the sensory room, which is a valuable asset for the company. The construction of the chamber was the responsibility of the staff members.

The children who go to this school have access to a safe and supervised atmosphere in which they are allowed to talk about their feelings and the difficulties they face in their social and emotional lives. Some of these difficulties may take the form of feelings of loneliness or anxiousness. Instead of sending flowers, the family has requested that monetary donations be given to this worthy organization in lieu of sending flowers. You are welcome to make a donation to the memorial fund at Kelly’s Funeral Directors, via the memorial fund’s GoFundMe page, or directly to any member of the family.

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