Salmonella Outbreak, The sickness and Gold Medal flour have been linked

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have linked a salmonella epidemic that has sickened at least 13 people in 12 states to Gold Medal flour. The 2-, 5-, and 10-pound bags of bleached and unbleached all-purpose Gold Medal flour with a “better if used by date” of March 27 or 28, 2024 are being recalled, according to General Mills’ announcement this week.

The CDC claims that seven of the eight people who acknowledged to eating uncooked batter or dough when questioned by health officials were honest about doing so. The US Food and Drug Administration discovered the pandemic strain in Gold Medal flour that was collected from a General Mills facility in Missouri, in accordance with the six sufferers who were able to specify the type of flour they used. Although the outbreak has hospitalized three people, there have been no reported fatalities.

The CDC claims that the real number of cases is likely greater since it normally takes weeks to correlate symptoms to an epidemic and because some patients who recover on their own without medical attention don’t get tested for salmonella. Six hours to six days after ingesting the germs, salmonella frequently produces diarrhea, fever, and stomach discomfort.

Most people recover on their own in a week, but those who are more vulnerable to illness—younger people, the elderly, or those with weakened immune systems—might not. In addition to cleaning any surfaces or containers that may have come into contact with the recalled flour, it should be thrown away or returned to the store. In a statement released last week, General Mills spokesman Mollie Wulff claimed the business was “continue to educate customers that flour is not a’ready to eat’ product. Before eating, anything made with flour must be baked or cooked.

According to the CDC, the majority of flour is raw and hasn’t been treated to kill bacteria that cause food illness. People can get sick from eating or tasting products that contain raw flour, even though the salmonella bacteria are eliminated when the food is cooked or baked. Play clay and raw dough used for crafts have the potential to be dangerous. Before consuming, the CDC recommends baking or cooking any dishes made with any brand of raw flour. After handling raw flour, immediately wash your hands, dishes, utensils, and surfaces. Use warm flour while preparing play dough at home.

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