Peter Fillerup Obituary Schenectady New York, Death And Funeral

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Peter Fillerup Obituary Schenectady New York, Death And Funeral

Peter Fillerup Obituary, Death Cause – My family was dealt an unexpected blow on May 10 when we learned that my brother, Peter Anders Fillerup, had passed suddenly. This news was a great shock to all of us. We were all taken aback by his untimely departure. In spite of the fact that he loved us so deeply, we are certain that he never had any intention of leaving us for such a short period of time. Specifically, his pride and joy was Anders, who was the result of his own body and was born to him.

Anders was the product of his own body. It is really difficult for us to even fathom spending our lives in any way that is separate from him in any way. Already, we realize that we are losing his cheery grin and contagious laugh, but he will remain a part of our life as long as we have memories of him to look back on. I have one more experience that I want to share with you that Peter and I had, and it was when we were sitting down by the sea at veterans park in Vero Beach, Florida, and we remained there for hours watching the dolphins jump and play in the ocean.

We want to share this story with you because it is one of my favorite memories that Peter and I had together. I want to tell you this tale because it is one of my most treasured memories of the time that I spent with Peter, and I want you to have it. Because it is one of my all-time favorites, the memory that I have with you is one that I would like to share with you right now. Pete was so impressed by the location, and he had the nicest experience there, that he wanted to go there on a regular basis because he had such a good time there.

After that, I took him to Fort Pierce Inlet so that he could see manatees having fun in the water there. There, he was able to get some great pictures of them. We went on some incredible journeys together, the memories of which will stay with us for the rest of our lives. He had an infectious chuckle and was perpetually in a good mood.

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