Monique Coleman Passed Away, Actress Killed By Internet Death Hoax

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Monique Coleman Not Dead 2023 – After a Facebook page titled “R.I.P. Monique Coleman” received nearly one million “likes” on Monday, speculation began to circulate online that the actress may have passed dead. Those who visited the “About” page were provided with a narrative of the American actress’s passing that was plausible enough to believe. The magnificent artist who was accomplished in the arts of acting, dancing, and singing passed suddenly at the age of 42, and almost immediately after her passing, hundreds of her devoted followers went to her official Facebook page to give messages of condolence and express their grief over her absence. The community on Twitter, as is common for a social media medium, went into a frenzy about the death fake.

Some loyal fans were ready to accept the message, while other fans were quick to be skeptical of the tale. Presumably, this was because they had learnt their lesson from the significant increase in the number of fake death claims circulating concerning celebrities over the course of the previous several months. There were those devoted fans who were eager to trust the message, while there were also some who were quick to be skeptical of the account.

Some people pointed out that the news had not been carried on any major American network, which indicated that it was a bogus story, and others pointed out that this was evidence that the item was fake. Both of these groups of people pointed out that the report was false. It would be significant news across all networks if an actress with Monique Coleman’s level of notoriety had passed away. Despite this, none of the major news networks in the United States have reported on the subject up until this point.

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