Madison Johnson Obituary, Madison Johnson Was Shot To Death

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Madison Johnson Obituary

Madison Johnson Obituary, Death Cause – The Knoxville Police Department has finally identified the two victims who were found dead from gunshot wounds inside of a property in South Knoxville on Saturday. Both of the victims were female. At this point, the perpetrator has not been identified or located. At approximately noon on Saturday, police were dispatched to a property on Woodlawn Pike in response to a report of a domestic dispute that had taken place there. They found the bodies of Madison Johnson, who was 22 years old, and Heidi Johnson, who was 20 years old, both of Knoxville, inside the residence when they arrived.

Anyone who may have any information regarding his whereabouts is urged to get in touch with the East Tennessee Valley Crime Stoppers as soon as humanly possible. You are able to remain anonymous while providing information to Crime Stoppers through a variety of various channels of communication. Officers, according to a spokeswoman for the police department, feared that an armed suspect may have still been inside the home based on the first information that they had received. Negotiators who are prepared to work effectively under pressure have been dispatched to the area.

The Knoxville Police Department has identified Jair Romario Martin, a resident of Knoxville who is 26 years old, as a person of interest in an investigation. Although he is wanted for two counts of first-degree murder, as of Monday he had not been arrested and was facing those charges. Martin allegedly went away from the immediate location where the crime had taken place, as stated by the police.

Officers entered the house after making a number of unsuccessful attempts to make contact with anyone inside; once they were inside, they discovered that both women had already passed away.

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