Laura Pugh Obituary, Learn About Laura Pugh Death

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Laura Pugh Obituary, Learn About Laura Pugh Death

Laura Pugh Obituary, Death Cause – Our hearts were broken when we learned that our mother, Laura Pugh, had passed away unexpectedly on April 28. The news completely shattered us. We are grateful to those of you who are already aware of this and for your continued support. Her decision to depart took all of us entirely by surprise, and we were all taken aback by it. When they informed us that she had passed away, everyone in this room, including me, was caught utterly aback.

At the funeral, guests are only permitted to bring flowers that have been brought by a member of the deceased person’s immediate family. Donations to the British Heart Foundation can be made in lieu of flowers if someone so desires. The funeral will be held at the Stourbridge Crematorium on Friday, June 9 at 1:30 p.m., and the only flowers that will be accepted are those that have been supplied by members of the family.

This is a reminder to those who knew and loved her and who wish to attend the funeral. Those who wish to express their condolences by paying tribute with flowers may do so by sending them to the address given above. At the location that was formerly occupied by Marsh & Baxter’s, which is now the Dudley Sports Football Club, we will be holding a wake as well as a celebration of our mother’s life. The visitation and wake will take place at the same time immediately after the funeral ceremony.

Anyone who would like to join us and raise a glass or two to our mother is more than welcome to do so and is more than welcome to join us. Also, anyone who would like to do so is more than welcome to join us. The structure that is currently being utilized for our mother’s wake and celebration of her life previously served as the location of Marsh & Baxter’s restaurant. Everyone who expresses the possibility that they might be interested in attending is issued a cordial invitation to do so at the venue that has been established.

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