Kaslyn Switzer Obituary North Carolina, Death And Funeral

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Kaslyn Switzer Obituary North Carolina, Death And Funeral

Kaslyn Switzer Obituary, Death Cause – When I started my junior year at Asheboro High School, I didn’t know anyone there, so I was particularly apprehensive about the first day of classes. I was able to find my homeroom, and once I got there, I took a seat next to a girl who was wearing a blouse that was an exact match to the one I was wearing. As soon as she saw me, she greeted me by saying, “Hey, I like your shirt,” before I had a chance to respond to her. I’m Kaslyn. We’re gonna be best friends.

And she was quite right in saying that. Just like Thelma and Louise, we were extremely dishonest and cunning in our dealings. Simply spending the day in Kaslyn’s company ensured that everyone would have a good time. It did not make a difference whether we were sneaking up to Boone to get a tattoo, attempting to get to school on time, or burning through 220 on the way to Greensboro; life was always full of thrilling new adventures. She was the kind of friend that anyone would consider themselves extraordinarily fortunate to have.

This week, she had just contacted me to check in on how I was doing and to let me know how happy she was that I had started my new internship. Regardless of how much time had passed since the previous time we had seen one another, we were always able to pick up precisely where we had left off when we got together again. My thoughts and prayers are with the Switzer family at this time. Kaslyn Switzer will be remembered fondly for all time, and our hearts will break when she is no longer here.

Chloe, she complimented your work and expressed satisfaction with your accomplishments. She called me at some point throughout the week to catch me up on what had been happening with you and to give me an update.

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