John Marchese Obituary Edinboro PA, John Marchese Has Died

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John Marchese Obituary Edinboro PA, John Marchese Has Died

John Marchese Obituary, Death Cause – Additionally, people of the community have been seen crying as a means of expressing their disbelief and astonishment at the news. You will not be forgotten, John Marchese; everyone will miss you very dearly. Everyone will miss you very much. Wonderful reflections on the life of a man who was genuinely unique…John exemplified the version of oneself that should be our ultimate goal and that we should all strive to become..

.I pray that God would grant him everlasting rest. Gene and Gemma Ebbert’s grandfather, as well as the grandfather of Aiden and Isaiah Battle, and the great-grandfather of Geno and Gemma Ebbert.
Santo and Frank were Jack’s two older brothers, while Jack was the youngest of the three brothers. 1935 was the year of his birth. When they were both still in high school, he made his first introduction to Joann, who would go on to become the woman who he would spend the rest of his life with. What happened after that, as the saying goes, is history.

Jack served in the United States Army for a time before being honourably discharged from the military. After he had finished his obligation to the military, he started his civilian life by getting married to Joann and buying a horse that he named Gemini. Jack was a tremendous sports fan, and one of his favourite things to do was watch sporting events. While they were in school, he coached all three of his sons in the sports of football and baseball, and he had a lot of fun doing it. His favourite sport to coach was football.

He was an avid supporter of the Steelers and a frequent participant in the game of golf. Jack’s second interest was painting ceramic ornaments, many of which are now cherished mementos that grace our Christmas trees. His work can be seen on many of these ornaments.


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