Fairfax County Police Shooting, Police Kills Man Who Attacked Officer

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Fairfax County Police Shooting

Fairfax County Police Shooting – According to the police, a man was shot by officers in the Alexandria neighborhood of Fairfax County on Thursday afternoon, and he later died from his injuries. The incident caused a piece of Richmond Highway to be closed during rush hour. During the course of the confrontation, law enforcement officers fired their weapons. It was determined that the suspect had passed away at the scene,” the police said in their brief statement.

According to the police, another officer who was responding shot their firearm as well. The cop who was being attacked did not discharge his firearm during the incident. The footage from Chopper4 shows a lot of law enforcement vehicles and emergency vehicles parked on the east side of the road between a McDonald’s restaurant and a filling station. After 4 o’clock in the afternoon, police announced that officers shot the man in the parking lot of a McDonald’s located in the 6300 block of Richmond Highway. This location is close south of the Capital Beltway and the City of Alexandria.

According to the authorities, the cop who was attacked radioed that he was being attacked and that his attacker had his gun. “This scene was highly unusual, and I’ve been on a lot of these scenes,” stated the Chief of Police for the Fairfax County Police Department, Kevin Davis. “I can honestly say that I have never come across anything quite like this. That police officer was figuratively fighting for his life as he was entrapped within his own police cruiser. During the melee, the police car swung into reverse and lost control as it entered the parking lot of the McDonald’s located next door.”Extremely Rare”: “Very Rare”: The Chief of Police for Fairfax County has stated that the man who was shot and killed earlier today attacked an officer.

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