Ed Copley Obituary, Ed Copley Has Died

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Ed Copley Obituary, Ed Copley Has Died

Ed Copley Obituary,  Death Cause – Grandmaster Ed Copley departed this world on May 1 of this year, and it is with the sincerest sympathies that we share the news with you. Please accept our sincere apologies. Everyone in this place was shocked when they heard about his dying away. His wife and children, eight of his grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren are the only members of his family to survive him. Additionally, he was blessed with 10 great-great-grandchildren.

During the time that the United States was involved in the Vietnam War, he was a member of the United States Marine Corps and served in Vietnam. In addition to developing the Safe Kid Network and the Rapid Child Care Network, both of which he also did, he was the creator of NAAMA Karate and held a tenth degree in various forms of martial arts. He also founded both of these networks. Additionally, he was the creator of the Rapid Child Care Network. One of the many ways he assisted people in need in the community was by devoting his time to shelters for the homeless as well as shelters for abused women and children.

This was just one of the many ways he assisted those in need. As a result of the fact that he has owned and run more than seventy schools of martial arts throughout the course of his life, it is safe to say that he has had an impact on the lives of a sizeable number of people. Many people at Hup Kwon Do, both students and staff, will miss him very much because he was always so proud of the school’s children and because he was such an excellent teacher. He was consistently doing an excellent job of instructing them. During this difficult moment, we will not stop thinking about and praying for his family. Our thoughts and well wishes are with them.

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